Russian Navy Projects Power & Influence in the Black Sea

Russian Navy Projects Power & Influence in the Black Sea

De Faakto Intelligence Research Observatory


Russian Navy Upgrades Black Sea Fleet, While Projecting Power and Influence in the Black Sea

Reuters is reporting,

  • Romania is concerned with Russia’s increased military activity in the Black Sea, near its borders
  • According to Romanian defense minister Mihai Fifor, “The Russian Federation is using the Black Sea to project force in the eastern Mediterranean”


Xinhua-China Europe News is reporting,

  • The Russian Black Sea Fleet has received a series of new ships of various types in the past three years
  • Since 2015, the fleet has received two new frigates, six diesel-electric submarines equipped with cruise missiles, and more than 10 counter-sabotage and patrol boats
  • Also noted, the Black Sea Fleet was replenished with two powerful new-generation towboats, modular diving platforms, a powerful floating crane, and a number of other support vessels, which immediately began to perform tasks in the Mediterranean and Black Seas
  • The fleet also completed the formation of a submarine brigade, which includes six new large submarines, in the Black Sea port city of Novorossiysk
  • State Naval Policy until 2030 approved last year by Russian President Vladimir Putin, Russia aims to build its navy into the world’s top two in terms of combat capabilities


The Maritime Executive reports,

  • An enlarged and more advanced Black Sea Fleet has the potential to provoke substantial tension with the United States and NATO, especially in the Mediterranean Sea. Nevertheless, it also has the potential to act as a security partner for the Alliance for operations against regional—and cross-regional—terrorism, trafficking, and piracy. The pursuit of regional cooperation would be beneficial to all parties; however, continued modernization and build-up of its Black Sea Fleet signals that Russian interests are not running a parallel course to the interests of the United States and its NATO Allies.


Russian Ship reports,

The Russian Black Sea Fleet consists of,

  • 7 attack submarines
  • 47 Warships-1 guided missile cruiser, 1 large ASW ship, 6 frigates, 6 small ASW ships, 5 guided missile corvettes, 5 guided missile boats, 7 seagoing minesweepers, 2 base minesweepers, 2 inshore minesweepers, 7 landing ships, 5 landing crafts
  • Between 2014-2018 Russia has added 11 new ships indicating-a plus or minus 23% investment in the Black Sea Fleet
  • 6 of the 11 ships are Kilo class submarines-a significant investment


De Faakto Analysis
Russia’s annexation of Ukraine and Sevastopol naval base allows it to project strategic power and influence in the region. Depending on the accuracy of data reporting, Russia has managed to improve and modernize its Black Sea Fleet to some degree; indicating Russia’s commitment to projection of naval power in the Black Sea. Given more time and resources it appears Russia will manage to build a formidable navel presence in the area with a more modern Black Sea Fleet. Russia will likely continue to invest in the Black Sea Naval Fleet for several reasons.

1. Russia has stated it aims to build its navy into a world top two naval power
2. Russia has annexed Ukraine and will continue to secure its investment in the annexation through military power, supported through the Black Sea navel Fleet
3. Russia has strategically positioned itself in the region to project power and influence and will continue to do so



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