De Faakto is an intelligence research observatory that develops situational awareness intelligence products that support emergency first responders, allied services and the defense & security industries.

De Faakto Intelligence uses open source intelligence also known as “OSINT.”  De Faakto monitors open sources and captures raw information for evaluation and analysis.  OSINT sources monitored by De Faakto include news media outlets, intelligence and research companies, academia, weather services, public works, social media, government public safety agencies, public health organizations and disease control centers.

De Faakto intelligence products consist of reports, briefings, bulletins, alerts and risk-hazard assessments; that provide supportive insight and situational awareness for front line emergency responders. Trending hazards such as infectious disease outbreaks, medical conditions, illicit street drugs, social-political events, drug recalls, civil disorder, violence hazard, environmental risk, weather events and natural disaster are monitored, analyzed and disseminated to subscribers for situational awareness in support of front line operations.

Subscribe to De Faakto Intelligence for better situational awareness and improved safety risk management.

De Faakto will provide tailored intelligence products that inform and provide solutions for your organizations operational challenges, contact De Faakto Intelligence Research Observatory to discuss your intelligence requirements.

For organizations with regional intelligence requirements, De Faakto can provide a custom intelligence reporting observatory that monitors your specific areas of operations.  

If your organization is deploying a contingent overseas for humanitarian aid or disaster relief De Faakto is ready to provide intelligence research products that help inform and protect your organization.