What is intelligence?

Raw Information + Analysis = Intelligence

Who uses intelligence analysis?

Intelligence has been used successfully for decades by many organizations for decision making, streamlining operations, innovating services, fiscal responsibility and better service delivery models.  Examples of intelligence led organizations include, governments, militaries, NGOs, health care, corporations and law enforcement.

What is De Faakto Intelligence Research Observatory?

De Faakto is an intelligence research observatory that develops real time intelligence products that support emergency operations, allied responders and the defense and security industry.

What are De Faakto intelligence support products?

De Faakto intelligence products consist of reports, briefings, bulletins, alerts and risk-hazard assessments that provide insight and situational awareness for intelligence consumers. 

What does De Faakto do with raw information?

De Faakto focuses raw information into the intelligence cycle where it is collated, evaluated, analyzed and disseminated into intelligence reports that inform, educate and support intelligence consumers to navigate the risk and hazard of operations.  

Who is behind De Faakto?

De Faakto is founded by a trained intelligence analyst and paramedic with experience in land, air ambulance and overseas military operations.

Disclaimer-De Faakto intelligence research is provided for situational awareness, advice, guidance and educational purposes. Intelligence is perishable and fluid.  Intelligence is updated and reassessed as new information becomes available. Sources are evidence based and multiple sources are used when possible. Sometimes intelligence assessments present gaps in information, this is a reality in intelligence led operations and gaps are filled when information presents.  Intelligence consumers should always follow best industry practices, organizational policy-procedures and regulatory standards.