OUTBREAK-Anthrax Detected In Australia

Outbreak News Today Reports Anthrax Outbreak,

There is no health risk to the general public for either outbreak

  • Though anthrax can affect humans, infection is very rare-People handling infected animals or contaminated products may contact anthrax spores through cuts or scrapes on their skin, resulting in sores and infection that can be treated with antibiotics
  • 19 November 2018
    Victoria, Australia
    Agriculture officials in Victoria, Australia reported responding to positive identification of anthrax in a sheep on a property near Swan Hill
  • Victoria’s Chief Veterinary Officer, said the affected property had now been quarantined and appropriate biosecurity protections were in place
  • Anthrax is caused by a naturally occurring bacteria, Bacillus anthracis, which is known to exist in soil in parts of Northern Victoria.
  • Sheep on the affected property had now been vaccinated and appropriate disposals were taking place today.
  • The current evidence suggests that one property has been affected. Agriculture Victoria will continue to work with nearby farmers, veterinarians and the local community to monitor the situation


25 October 2018

  • Anthrax in British Columbia, Canada
    13 livestock on a farm near Fort St. John dead
    The animals are thought to have contracted the disease from exposure to dormant anthrax spores in the soil
    No further losses on the farm, which has a herd of more than 150 animals, have been reported
  • Anthrax occurs naturally in livestock on the Canadian Prairies and in Northern Alberta, and is established in Alberta’s Wood Buffalo National Park. The bacteria can remain dormant in soil under certain conditions for many years.
  • An effective vaccine for anthrax for livestock is available and the rest of the herd on the infected farm will be vaccinated
    Animals that have been exposed to anthrax spores in soil are often successfully treated if diagnosed early
  • Though anthrax can affect humans, infection is very rare and there have been no indications of anyone in contact with the animals being infected. Public health officials have identified individuals who might have been in contact with the source of infection, and are following up with those individuals directly to assess their health and provide health advice


Information About-Naturally Occurring Anthrax

What is anthrax?
• A serious infectious disease
• Caused by gram-positive, rod shaped bacteria known as bacillus anthracis
• Found in soil
• Affects animals-domestic & wild
• Global threat
• Transmission through infected animals or contaminated animal products
• Causes severe illness in humans & animals

• Not contagious between humans
• Breathing in spores
• Consume food or water that is contaminated with spores
• Spores enter cut or scrape in the skin

Who is at risk for anthrax?
• People Who Handle Animal Products
• Veterinarians
• Livestock producers

Antibiotic Prevention
• Ciprofloxacin and doxycyclin

• Anthrax Vaccine Adsorbed (AVA) protects against anthrax