CT Scan Tech-Predict Risk of Heart Attack

Reuters is Reporting,

  • A new method of analyzing CT scans to predict patients at risk of heart attack
  • Technology uses algorithms to examine the fat surrounding coronary arteries as it shows up on computed tomography (CT) heart scans
  • When an artery becomes inflamed, this serves as an early warning system for what one of the researchers believes could be up 30 percent of heart attacks
  • Researchers believe the technology could potentially identify at least 20 or 30 percent of the people before they have a heart attack


De Faakto Analysis

  • If CT Scan cardiac analytics for early prediction of heart attacks proves effective, there will be a potential lack of CT diagnostic resources available for testing. Health care institutions and private CT clinics that invest in CT scan cardiac analytics diagnostic equipment will be able to meet market demand, provide early diagnosis and increase clinic revenues. Health care decision makers and administrators should follow this emerging technology closely. Medical institutions that provide this type of cardiac diagnostics can then vertically integrate follow up cardiac care and treatment for patients diagnosed early with cardiac conditions.