KFAAKT Operations Research is a sister entity of DeFaakto Intelligence Research Observatory

  • Focused on Operations Research the Mission of KFAAKT is to improve equipment, strategic/tactical processes, and intelligence for the Defense and Security Sectors


KFAAKT OPSEARCH Camouflage Patterns 

  • Camouflage Developed by KFAAKT Operations Research, sister company of De Faakto Intelligence 
  • Three original and distinctive camouflage patterns developed by KFAAKT 
  • All patterns have been technically scaled for uniforms, vehicles and tanks to enhance effectiveness
  • All patterns have been designed to have colors manipulated and changed should a  quartermaster wish to change a pattern to serve specific needs and environments
  • Quartermasters looking to purchase KFAAKT Opsearch Camouflage can email KFAAKT Operations Research 



DYNA-ZEE Camouflage Pattern

  • KFAAKT developed this pattern, using hand drawn zebra stripes to utilize mimicry and then dazzled the pattern to confuse the eye
  • Specifically keeping dynamic entry, special operations in mind for the warfighter performing risky entries and close quarter battle, KFAAKT developed DYNA-ZEE to confuse the opposition long enough to give warfighters the advantage in fast dangerous ops
  • Dynamic entry teams in stacks and formations become confusing blobs, center of mass is obscured, movement direction is confused



FERAL-DOG Camouflage

  • FERAL-DOG was designed for the warfighter operating in arid, mountainous & desert environments
  • KFAAKT developed FERAL-DOG based on inspiration from mixed breed dogs and the Painted African Wild Dog
  • FERAL-DOG patterned camouflage works in similar principle as the Wild Painted Dog from the standpoint, the mimicry pattern superbly breaks up the animals outline, mixes well with multiple backgrounds and foremost, dog packs or groups of warfighters blob, distort and blend into the background effectively
  • FERAL-DOG camouflage is also an effective alternative for dynamic entry and high risk actions, as the pattern tends to confuse the human eye, the warfighter becomes a confusing shape more difficult for the opposition to track
  • FERAL-DOG will confuse the opposition mitigating risk to the exposed warfighter in close quarters or open areas




Avian Mimicry & Murmuration

  • KFAAKT AVYMM is designed for the warfighter that is deployed in the green woodland environment
  • AVYMM is the brainchild of a researcher that found camouflage value in murmuration patterns created by starling bird flocks and schools of fish, birds and fish will fly or swim in frenzied patterns that confuse the predator,  making prey a difficult target to hunt
  • Finding the murmuration shapes and patterns useful as disruptive and confusing to the eye, KFAAKT analyst S.A Cavanagh and a commercial artist developed a seriously effective disruptive camouflage for the infantryman looking for concealment
  • AVYMM colors can be switched out should a quartermaster have specific needs for operations



KFAAKT Camouflage patterns are intellectual property of KFAAKT Opsearch and De Faakto Intelligence, all patterns have copyright watermarks