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Jamaica Security & Safety

Due to high levels of crime, gang-posse violence and organized crime, areas of Jamaica are under a declared state of emergency. Areas include Kingston-Denham town, and other areas in West Kingston, St Catherine North State-Spanish Town, Linstead, Bog Walk and the parish of St James, which includes the tourism area of Montego Bay. (Carribean360.com, 2018)

“The government considers the crime situation in these areas to be over and above the capacity of existing law enforcement.” Prime Minister Andrew Holness emphasized that “criminal activities have curtailed businesses, undermined the rule of law, and have deprived citizens of their general right to live peacefully.” (Carribean360.com, 2018)

The current law and disorder appears to be an extension of key event in Jamaica’s recent history,
• Arrest of criminal boss Dudus Coke in 2010
• Government & law enforcement “decapitation” strategy of arresting gang leadership
• Gangs have since splintered, dispersed and diversified
• Gang decentralization caused posses to fragment and expand into new areas
• Violence is no longer concentrated in traditional areas of Jamaica and has moved to rural districts
• Jamaican gangs turned to the famed “lottery scams,” among other activities, setting off battles between rival rings
(InSight Crime, 2018)

Security & Safety Considerations
• Jamaica’s security situation poses significant risk in certain areas
• Security precautions should be exercised
• U.S. government personnel are prohibited from traveling to the following areas: Flankers, Canterbury, Norwood, Rose Heights, Clavers Street, and Hart Street, of Montego Bay as well as Spanish Town
• Travel Advisory-Level 2 Increased Caution-U.S. State Dept. Bureau of Consular Affairs
• Travel Advisory- Exercise a high degree of caution-Government of Canada
• Zika virus is a concern for people travelling to Jamaica and should exercise precautions

People Travelling to Jamaica should follow the travel risk advice of their local government

Travel.State.Gov U.S. Dept. of State-Bureau of Consular Affairs

Government of Canada

GOV.UK Foreign Travel Advice


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