U.S. Destroyer in Israeli Port

U.S. Navy Destroyer in Israeli Port of Ashdod Signals Strong U.S. Israeli Relationship & countermeasure to China’s influence in port of Haifa

De Faakto-OSINT

U.S.S. Ross, a United States Navel destroyer has docked in the Israeli port of Ashdod. The last time the combat proven ship was moored in this particular port was 19 years ago.

The Ross returning to the port is symbolic to the U.S. Israeli relationship. The United States increasingly supports its Israeli ally in a time of heightened tensions in the region. President Trump is a staunch supporter of Israel and recently moved the U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem, which is at odds with most Arabic nations and some western countries.

De Faakto Analysis

China has extended its power and influence in the South China Sea with its reclamation efforts in the region. This has caused a regional shift in dominance. The U.S., French and British have countered with freedom of navigation exercises increasing tensions with China.

China has recently invested in the Mediterranean port of Haifa.  A Chinese management company has taken over operations of the port in Haifa.  Because the Chinese now have influence over this maritime port, which is in the vicinity of Israeli submarines, the U.S. may be looking to counter china and balance this influence with a naval presence in Ashdod.

It appears there will be an increased U.S. naval presence in Israeli waters for symbolic, strategic and tactical reasons.